Periodic Reversal in Time domain

About 40 years ago, I built a hardware (many ICS) voice scrambler by applying the reversal technique in time domain; say every 100ms of voice signal was reversed.
I wonder if there is already a way to achieve this technique by using Audacity (obviously not online; the new generated sound will be saved in a file).

Thank you.

That sounds similar to this experimental effect that I wrote back in 2011:

Thank you.
Being new to audio edit (and Audacity), this will be the first plug-in I will use (and add). Any hints?
I assume the periodic interval (as 100ms) could be set (not fixed).

For instance, when I finished my old voice scrambler and the original voice was recorded from an Arabic news, I let some friends hear the scrambled voice. All of them thought that the language they heard is Hebrew :astonished: To live in peace, I decided to cancel the project which was supposed to be commercialized in the local market (for ordinary phones) :smiley:

The “Reverso” effect is a “Nyquist Plug-in”. Installation instructions are here:

I tested your “reverso.ny”, nice work. Thank you.

I think making it to reverse a certain interval periodically is not trivial. But in this case, the interval time could be selected anywhere on the track since its time only needs to be known and the process, speaking practically, starts always from the track beginning.