Perhaps an X to close out New Version available window? (minor annoyance)

When a new version comes out, I get a notification window that I cannot close out.
I can’t scroll to the very bottom of the window.
Ubuntu - Mint.

Screenshot uploaded.

I appreciate the efforts of all developers, documenters, etc. This is a minor annoyance, but would probably ?? be a relatively easy thing to add.

This window has a “skip this version” at the bottom. Unfortunately 3.4.2 has had too many changes so the window grew too long. This is fixed in the 3.5 beta which you can download on

Thank you very much for this incredibly speedy reply, LWinterberg.

If I could get to the bottom, I’d click on it. :slight_smile:

I’m happy to know it is fixed and in the funnel.

I’ll continue to be a happy user. Thank you again for what you and everyone does to make Audacity a staple for so many of us.

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