Just some feedback on Audacity 3.0.0 on Windows Home 10 v20H2 Build 19042.928.

  1. The initial saving or opening of files is painfully slow, much slower than Audacity 2.x.
  2. The recovery system does not work. It detects a crashed session and the files, but can never recover them.
  3. Audio often won’t output to the speaker. I have to unload/reload Audacity and/or toggle between output devices.
  4. Opening the file system to look for a file occasionally will not show the most recent file I worked on.



If you’re having that many problems, you can roll the machine back to 2.4.2. There is a Bug Fix of 3.0 planned.


I did a LOT of careful QA times testing on 3,0.0 alpha and RC builds before release on my W10 PC and my Bug Sur Mac - on both platforms most things (like saving and opening exporting and effects all run the same as 2.4.2 or a little nit faster.).

The one thing we know that takes longer is Exiting Audacity as the database has to be tidied up.

I did a lot of pre-release testing on this and I am confident that it does work (backed up by a couple of 3.0.0 user reports).

We do know that we do hace this bug in 3.0.0
Faux recovery offered on launch (very moonphase)

We believe we may have fixed this - but because it is “moonphase” and very hard/almost impossible to reproduce on demand it’s hard to test it.


Thanks all for the replies.

I just timed how long it took Audacity 3.0 to import two stereo MP3 files, a total of 261k, from a digital recorder connected via USB 2. Total time was 2:34:91. Saving the imported files as mono tracks (I split stereo to mono and then deleted the 2 extra tracks) to an 8T Seagate USB 3 hard drive connected to a powered USB 3 Anker hub took 00:41:46. Compacting took 00:11:00. Loading (re-opening) the project was instantaneous. Too fast for me to time.

I’ll test the same files on another Win10 PC that’s still using v.2.x and see if the times are equivalent.


Hi Rich,

have you tried just loading the files onto your computer first (timing that) and then using 3.0.0 to Import the files into Audacity (and timing that)?


I plan to test that, yes.