Performance became slooooow!

I have been heavily editing a project, which became slow to respond. The following message appears whenever I attempt to cut and paste:

“Automatic database backup failed”

I exited the program, rebooted my PC and purged Audacity’s Temp folder. The Session Data folder is also empty. I figure my project exceeded the number of undo points. But the program is still very slooooow. I see no option to disable backups in Preferences. Is there a hidden folder where the auto backups are stored? Anything else I can try?

What happens if you use “Save as” to create a new project and work with that one?
(I mean, by saving the old one into a new project.)

Thanks for responding. Yes, I save the project with a different name; but the issue remained. Other projects have no such problem, so I guess that the project file became corrupted. I like the improvements in the latest version of Audacity, but it does not appear to be stable. For instance, heavyediting causes freezing (“Not responding”), and I can replicate the Envelope Points bug by using the Amplify tool in a track, after which the Envelope handles erroneously appear at the start of the track. I read somewhere this bug was fixed: but it persists in v3.2.2.

Fortunately I had backups of the tracks in the project that became sluggish; so I deleted it then imported the tracks in a new file. So far, so good.

It seems that the slowness on your project is consequence of the amount of information that is added to each track through edition.
That’s way you solved it that way.
There is an alternative for that, I think I read somewhere something about mixing and re rendering tracks, to keep the sound and erase the extra information, which one of its functions is letting you undo the latest steps of edition.

I finished the project in the new file, adding a lot more editing (16 piece orchestra). The file size was over 5 GB that compressed to 600MB. You may be correct in saying that Audacity experienced info overload, but I suspect that the AUP3 file got corrupted.

If anyone knows how to empty the “Automatic Database backup” directory, please share.

Yes, but can you replicate this in a new Audacity project ?

It is possible that you have somehow retained a bug from a prior project created on 3.0.2. Applying Mix and Render to each track should correct this problem. If not, send me the project and I’ll take a look at it.

I apologize for the tardy response as I forgot to check back with no notification sent (because I forgot to check the box below).

Yes, I can replicate the Envelope Points issue in a new document, using the latest version of Audacity (v3.2.4). All I need to do is use the Amplify tool somewhere in a track; after that, any use of the Envelope tool automatically moves points to the start of the track. Hopefully, the matter will be fixed in the next update.

I an unable to replicate your experience using Audacity 3.2.4 on Windows 10. Perhaps you would like to offer some specific steps?

We can hope - but that is not on track to happen.

Here are unresolved issues regarding Envelope Points that have currently been reported to the developers: