per application recording

I was wondering if it’s possible to record audio on a per application basis, rather than a device basis?

For example: Game audio and a music player (like mediamonkey) - each one in seperate tracks.
At the moment i can record them both with Dxtory, but only as a single track on a single device (Wave out)

Do i have to assign a seperate “Device” to each application? I like to listen to music when i play certain games, so i was hoping to be able to record the in-game audio but not what i’m listening to, or at least record what i’m listening to in a seperate track so when it comes to compiling the videos, i can cut out the music i’m listening to while i play.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Audacity will only record from one “device,” however the device doesn’t have to be hardware. Pamela for Skype makes a fake device in software and presents both sides of a Skype call inside the device which it then records. Stereo Mix is another example of a “fake” device. I think Total Recorder works the same way. SoundFlower for Mac, same thing.

By the way, that is only hard if you want to record several different performances. If you also want to listen to the recordings in real time, that’s even harder. Every pathway inbound and outbound has to be accounted for.

I think Linux has provision for something like this in their tools. Other elves will post.


Cool, that was a better first reply than i expected :slight_smile:

Yeah, i get what you mean - the difficulty is needing to listen to the sources i’m recording (For example, teamspeak, in-game audio and mediamonkey)
I know i can use VAC, but i think if i was to use VAC for that, it’d cut out whatever source it was routing - no?

I could just disable mediamonkey, but it’s habitual :laughing:

If it’s not practical to do then i guess i’ll have to :slight_smile:

I think VAC would do what you want, but it isn’t free.

SoundLeech ( ) which is a free “evaluation” program should be able to listen for streams from different programs and start recording each separately. If it works, you’ll have to keep deleting the MediaMonkey recordings.


Great, i’ll give it a try - thanks for now :slight_smile:

Ok, so i tried SoundLeech and it didn’t work, it didn’t even seem to capture -any- audio or even create any folders or files :question: - but the way that records audio is the exact thing i want to do.

I don’t mind having to capture audio from every application that i have running, just as long as each application records in a separate track or a separate file.
I can then use the tracks i want to keep and delete the ones i don’t. :nerd:

In-Game audio
Input stream from a microphone

All of the above either in a separate file or separate tracks within the same file, so i can edit whatever audio i please with audacity.


Sorry, where are my manners?!

My system info:
i5, 8gb RAM, Windows 7 x64.

Asus XONAR DG - with unified drivers.

VAC is probably your best bet on Windows.
It’s not simple and it’s not free.

SoundLeech is quite temperamental. It would not record for me until I changed the file save directory.

Sometimes it seems to need the audio to be playing before you start “leeching” and sometimes it seems you need to start leeching before playing the audio.

Once it gets started recording in a Windows session, it seems to be OK. I have it in my start up group so that it starts with Windows. Since then, it works OK for me.