Peavey pv6 usb multitrack

Hi guys i am looking into buying a peavey pv6 usb mixer for my podcast recording. my question is will i be able to use this mixer to record me and the other two guys on the podcast seperate into audacity? I know it has a built in audio interface but i cant find what the output of it is.

Thanks in advance, I am loving the forum so far and have already learned a good bit.

Is the aim to record the three voices simultaneously to separate tracks? No, not with PV6 USB as it mixes down to stereo.

What operating system are you on? On Windows, recording more than stereo usually requires ASIO and you can’t have ASIO in Audacity unless you compile Audacity from source code.

Onyx mixers are said to give multi-channel recording in Audacity without ASIO if you download the drivers: But you should search the Forum to verify that.

If you are on Windows XP, that has major security problems now Microsoft no longer supports it, but a wider range of mixers will record multi-channel without ASIO. See .