Peaks and leaks


I’m currently going from windows to linux. Pretty new cool world. Audacity should be what is replacing cool edit pro right? So here is my question. Cool edit pro had a little thing called Analyse track that would tell you how high you peak before 0, or how over you clip over 0, or, if by any so called chance, your wav file would never go over 0, and would be perfectly well balanced. So now my concern is that I’m looking for that same tool on Audacity. I would like something that would analyse my wav file, tell me how much under 0 I am, so I can then use another tool that would boost the wav file with that exact same difference to 0, to have a track that will only peak at 0, a perfect little 0. Is that possible with Audacity? Thats all I need. Oh yeah theres something called the DC offset too, that would fix that too, but bah, at 0.001 offset, hk right, hoo kares?

That tool also gave you peak RMS and other stuff I dont really know or care about. Cause I dont need to play with that. I only want to scan the file, tell me how much I need to boost my wav file, to reach that perfect zero. Damn I would code it myself if I knew how to. Does this only exist in Audacity, and where is it, my big concern.

Thanks everyone. You’re all great. :slight_smile:

Just select “Amplify”, under “Effect”. The slider will automatically be set to the number of decibels below zero your highest peak is. So just click Okay to bring everything up by that amount. As for telling you how much OVER zero you are if you’ve clipped, I don’t see how that would be possible. Clipped data is lost data, to the best of my understanding. --Allen

Thanks Allen, I’m going to have a look at it right away. And yes clipped is lossed. Thats why I want a perfect 0 wav file, its really important to me. Thanks so much.

Cheers, :smiley: