Peak Frequency Over Time

Im looking for a way to plot the peak frequency of a sound file. A spectrogram is almost perfect, except I need to be able to tell exactly what hz the peak frequency is, and i don’t care about the lesser frequencies.

Essentially something that spits out a hz vs time, but lets me hover over, or spits out a data table showing peak hz at each .1 seconds or so

Something that uses FFT on small chunks would work.

I need this for a Doppler effect lab im doing for school, so any help would be appreciated

Windows vista
2.0.5.exe installer

Unfortunately Audacity does not have an automatic tool to do that.
You can get a visual display of frequency over time with the track spectrogram view ( but there is no facility to export that in numerical form.
You could do it manually by selecting short sections and using Plot Spectrum to analyze the sound in the section and then export the numerical data before moving onto the next short section. If you use the same file name each time that you export, the new data is appended to the previous data (