Pc recording oddity

Great oddity! Recording from the PC, the sound is bodiless, suspended, out of phase. But if I insert headphones the recording is perfect.

I’ll take a “wild guess”…

I had a computer that filtered-out the bass when listening to the laptop’s built-in speakers. I think there was a way to turn-off that feature but I don’t have that computer anymore.

Windows (or your drivers) may be applying different effects or “enhancements” to different “devices”.

When the speaker is running, you’re listening to the feedback between the speaker and the built-in microphone. When you plug the headphones in, that feedback path goes away.

There is no natural pathway to record the computer’s performance. There are software packages which create new pathways as needed, but one simple method is run everything (record and playback) at once and smash them all together. That works, but then you get oddities like what you have.

Another oddity is having the performance recording change volume with your speaker playback volume control.


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