PC Not Receiving Sound Signal Via USB

I purchased a Xenyx Q1202 USB and I can’t get my PC to record from it. I have a Gateway NV57H94u that has Windows 7 64 bit. I have tried downloading software and drivers from the Behringer website but still have no luck. I have found the board on my sound settings and also downloaded the recommended Audacity recording software. Is this a software issue or am I doing something wrong? The software recognizes the sound board is connected and installed but its flat lined with no sound when trying to record. I

Before you open Audacity:

Connect the Xenyx Q1202 USB to the computer.
Look in the Windows Sound Control Panel and ensure that the Xenyx appears as an available recording input and is enabled.

Then open Audacity.

From the Help menu, select “Audio Device Info”.
Wait a moment for the information to appear, then copy and paste that information into your reply.