pb with FFmep and export to aac format


I have just compiled audacity 2.0.5 with ffmpeg supports. I wanted to export files in aac format and audacity claimed a libavformat.so.52 library. I installed that library and indicated to audacity where it is installed.

Now if I want to export to aac, audacity ask to configure FFmpeg properly before…

What do I have to dore more?


François Patte

For FFmpeg support you must have the ffmpeg header files installed when you build Audacity so that Audacity can link to FFmpeg. Audacity currently supports linking to FFmpeg versions 0.5 through 0.8. Later versions of FFmpeg are unlikely to work with Audacity.

If you are on a Debian (or Ubuntu) based distribution, then the easiest way to build Audacity with FFmpeg support is to follow the instructions here: http://wiki.audacityteam.org/wiki/CompilingAudacityForBeginners#Example_compiling_the_latest_Audacity_source_code_on_Ubuntu_and_derivatives_.28like_Linux_Mint.29

If you specifically want the 2.0.5 release version, omit steps 1 and 2 and use the 2.0.5 source code instead.
Step 3 "sudo apt-get build-dep audacity " is the important step that will install the necessary dependencies - ensure that step completes with no errors.