PAVU doesn't recognize Audacity [SOLVED]

I don’t know whether I am here right: I try to record with audacity (version 2.2.1; installed from the distribution’s release) the output from the sound card under Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon 3.8.9 (kernel 5.2.11-050211-generic). I read that I should use PAVU (PulseAudio Volume Control 4.0). Unfortunately it says that no application is recording whereas audacity actually records.
Does anybody have a hint, how to solve this problem? … or maybe the right forum?
Kind regards, Miku.

Audacity opens ports to the sound system when play or record start, and the ports close again when Audacity stops.
PulseAudio will only “see” Audacity while Audacity is recording or playing (or if the recording meter is active).
The standard “default” settings in the Device Toolbar use PulseAudio on most modern Linux Desktop systems (including Mint).

If you are trying to record audio that is playing on your computer, see:

Thank you! Your answer helped me very well! It’s sometimes not easy to find the right place for the solutions.
Kind regards, Miku.

Excellent :slight_smile:

I’ll close this topic as “solved”. If you require further help, just start a new topic.