Pause Button always active

Dear all,
first of all I am trying to use Audactiy 2.0 xxx on Windows 10. Unfortunately after many years of good recording from Boom Box on my old Powermac I have had to change to a more modern set-up. This has had enormous problems which I have spent many hours solving.

I finally arrived at the point where I have the audio signal going into the pc via the USB Codec. The Audacity level metres show up nicely but …the Pause Button cannot be released when I want to start recording. Is there some hook where I need a license number from Audacity to free this up or am I missing something very basic?

Hopefully somebody can help me here.

thanks in advance
VinylScratcher :question:

That sounds like you have accidentally enabled “Sound Activated Recording”. Turn that off in “Transport menu > Transport options”.