Pattern based sound editing

I love using audacity for editing sound files however I have a hard time seperating similar frequencies that are made up by very different sequences.

While surfing I found a proof of concept software that tries to address just that.
Two links:
video explination:
project homepage:

After experimenting with it I think that this type of sound analysis would add alot of functionality and possiblities to audacity as a program addition or a plugin addition.

What are your thoughts on this?

And thanks to all the devolpers who make this such a great program and place to find information.
PS. Please help me correct any forum mannors if needed since this is my first time posting here.

TAPESTREA looks very interesting. Unfortunately I’ve not been able to get it to run on my computer, but from the demo I’m not quite sure how or why you would want to shoehorn this into Audacity. I’m not saying that it’s a bad idea, just that TAPESTREA appears to be a large and complex application in its own right with its own user interface.

Yes, and Yes.

I also had trouble with version, but version worked fine while trying it out.
(But that version only supports .wav with 16bit PCM @44100Hz samples in windows.)

I think that the full TAPESTREA interface is rather unqiue and dedicated to the program.
However I liked the idea of an audio selector tool that can diffentiate between patterns.

Perhaps a plugin would be able to replicate that advanced selector function?
Would a plugin in audacity have the ablility to create another type of audio graph, select a pattern, and “magic-wand” audio clips (akin to a picture editor)?

Or are these additions outside the realm of the plugin architecture?

In anycase, I thought others here would find TAPESTREA interesting too.

Well I finally managed to get TAPESTREA to run. Indeed it is interesting, though still in the early stages of development and I think that I need a faster computer to run it properly :slight_smile:
The sine wave separation can give some pretty strange effects - quite realistic synthesis on things like bird song, but quite weird with human speech.
I like the idea of being able to select a region by time and frequency - this came up recently here:

That user interface is very similar to how TAPESTREA works.
The main difference is that TAPESTREA not only uses frequency as an operator, but also beats and frequency patterns.
Aka… If a bird and an alarm use similar frequencies on the same track, they can be seperated by pattern analysis of the audio.

Although similar with selection tools, I think (in my current understanding) TAPESTREA has greater editing power and flexiblity.
I am wondering whether audacity’s framework could support such functions as a program addition and/or a plugin, because it would make a great feature!

As a side note, I remembered an MIT webpage project has similar abilities to make infinite song looping.
It uses pattern recognition using Echo Nest.
Link to The Infinite Jukebox:
Link to Echo Nest: