Patching into one track

Hello, I’m fairly new to audacity.
Is there a way to patch back into one track? For example, say I record 2 minutes and the first minute is good. I know I can simply clip off the second minute, but when I press record again, I get a whole new track, rather than continuing to record on the previous. How can I keep this all on one track?


A better way to put it is, whenever I press record, it starts a whole new track. I’d like to just stay on one and overwrite it.

Append Record.

Awesome. Thanks!

Ok, how about this one: how do I accurately paste a section of one track onto the next, so I don’t shift it forward or backward in time?

Example: the first minute of vocals on track one is good, as is the second minute of track two. I want to cut and paste the good section of track two up onto track one, leaving the timing intact.

If I understand you correctly, would this be an example:

Copy the audio between 1:04.234 and 1:23.567 on track 1
To 1:04.234 and 1:23.567 on track 2

If that’s correct, here is one way to do it;

  • Select from 1:04.234 and 1:23.567 on track 1 (the part that you want to copy).
  • Ctrl+C (or select “Copy” from the Edit menu).
  • Press ENTER to un-select track 1.
  • Press the DOWN cursor key to move focus to track 2.
  • Press the ENTER key to select track 2.
  • Ctrl+V (or select “Paste” from the Edit menu)

Another useful shortcut is Ctrl+D which Duplicates the selection to a new track.
Also, see here: