Patch to export 32 bits in chains

Unfortunately I’m not too fond of the fact that Audacity exports only 16 bit files whenever an export command is found in a chain. Sure, 16 bit files are cheaper, but their quality sucks at least to me - less dynamic range, etc. I’m a big fan of 32 bit files, because I have a lot of space on my computer though I’d really want to get a 3 TB hard drive which will help. Anyway, I’m running version 2.0.6 and I was wondering if there is some sort of download or command to type that will allow it to export as 32 bit Wav, or closest being Other Uncompressed. I’m just afraid that if it’s a patch that works for 2.1.2 that it will not work for 2.0.6, but who knows, it may work for both. I look forward to anything you have. Thanks


Why are you not willing to upgrade beyond 2.0.6? Allowing Chains to use “Other Uncompressed files” or the 32-bit WAV option that we now have is a popular request, but it won’t be applied retrospectively to old versions of Audacity.

Would you like us to add a “vote” for you to allow Chains to use “Other uncompressed files”? That’s the best way forward to encourage us to add the feature.


Well, from what I’ve heard, Audacity 2.1.1 has some sort of bug (I believe) where, whatever effects you apply, it needs to insert unwanted latency and unwanted silence. To me, this is ridiculous enough not to have 2.1.1. I know it sounds horrid, but I don’t think I can deal with inserting unwanted latency that might not be able to be corrected by a totally blind user. Anyway, I have tried to research this topic few years ago, and somebody said that they can actually write a patch or a piece of coding to insert somewhere within the innards of the program. That’s what I was looking for, not a request for an option, I’ve heard that it’s simply an allowance for chains to use the Export other uncompressed formats option, which has 32 bit Wav contained inside it. I’m not too keen on trying to modify this myself, but if I have to, I guess I’ll do it. I hope I make sense, it’s somewhat hard to explain.


2.1.1 is not the latest version (2.1.2 is). Perhaps you would tell us what the bug is. I can’t think of what you mean, as a result of running any effect. Nyquist effects will convert white space between clips to silence.

There does not happen to be a patch off the shelf that does what you want. That is why the feature request is open. I changed 1.3.14 Beta some years ago to do what you want, with certain limitations. You may be able to find it online. We can’t offer you support if you use Audacity before 2.x.x version.

Of course you may modify the source code and recompile it just like I did. That is why it is open source. But the patch I made might not compile if applied to 2.1.3-alpha, without a few changes.


Yes, that’s what I was thinking. But how do you do it? What file do you modify and what do you change it to? I can’t seem to find “Exportwav” when searching the Audacity folder. Can anyone give me some guidance on this? Thanks.

PS. I’m still using 2.0.6, so I don’t need to worry about 2.1.3.

Have you installed Visual Studio 2013 yet? There is no point even thinking about code changes before you have downloaded the Audacity source code (for 2.0.6 if you must use that) and satisfied yourself that you can compile wxWidgets and Audacity using Visual Studio. See “Getting started building the current Audacity code” at the top of Developing On Windows.

What I did was to simply reuse the MP3 export mechanism that Chains already users for the few export types it supports. A proper fix would do better than that, but I am not really a programmer.

You have not told us the exact bug that prevents you upgrading. If it’s real, rather than something that was misreported, we would like to know about it.