Pasting: inserting vs. overwriting

In Audacity v 2.1.3 under Windows 10. I think I used the .exe installer but am unsure. Simple question but I can’t find the answer in the manual or previous forum entries.

Problem: I want to paste a selection (say, 10 seconds long) copied from Track A into a selected point (say, at 1 min 00 sec) in Track B. How do I tell Audacity whether I want that selection: (a) Inserted into Track B’s destination point, so that the Track B material originally from the selected point onward shifts rightward by the length of the copied-in segment; or (b) Overwriting the original Track B material between 1 min 00 sec and 1 min 10 sec, with no rightward shifting of any original Track B material?


To insert the copied audio, click on the track into which you want to paste, at the point that you want to insert, and the paste (shortcut Ctrl + V).

To overwrite, select the audio that you wish to overwrite, and then paste.

Often it is easier to work with multiple tracks rather than forcing everything into one track.

Thanks, here’s a follow-up. Let’s say I recorded material on a single track, then divided that material into clips A, B, & C within the track.

Increasing clip length: If I paste some new material into clip A, increasing A’s length (say, by 30 sec), what does that do to clips B & C. Does it move B & C rightward by the same amount of time, or what?

Decreasing clip length: If I remove material from clip B, what does it do to the relative alignment of clips A & B? B & C?

I don’t understand the point of your question. Can you not tell what happens by doing it?