pasting audio without silencing other tracks[SOLVED]

ok so im trying to make a funny metal song where i have spongebob saying im ready at certain parts of the song but everytime that part comes up (and its a mp3 file) it cuts of the guitar drums and bass parts is there any way around this?

If you have a clean SpongeBob track, import it as a second track underneath the music. Then use the Time Shift Tools and Copy/Paste to create multiple SpongeBobs and push them where ever they’re needed. Both tracks will play at the same time unless you tell them not to with the MUTE and SOLO buttons. Audacity will mix everything down to one track when you export.

Remember, Audacity will not Save a sound file.


no it didnt work wherever it says im ready all the previous audio that had been recorded with a piano gets erased

Gets erased from what - the exported file?

If you are ready to export, unmute all the tracks that you want in the mix then File > Export… (not File > Export Selection…).


no the previous recordings of the guitar drums bass etc all get completely cut off whenever it comes to the mp3 file of spongebob saying im ready

Could you post a screen shot of the project, before and after pasting in the spongebob bit?

– Bill

yea here we go

ok so thats the recording without the mp3 file in it

then i went to file:import audio and imported the mp3 file from my desktop

see and where the mp3 file is it cuts off the previous audio it cut the audio above the one on top as well i dont get it :confused:

Look at Help > About Audacity. If it does not say 2.0.3, you want to get the latest 2.0.3 here before you start Audacity the next time.

Otherwise the only explanation I can think of is that the audio in the other tracks is corrupted, or you are out of disk space, or the drive you are reading from is corrupted.

Try Edit > Preferences: Directories. How much free space is noted there? If there is not much space (and assuming you have not saved this project yet), change to a drive that has more space. Edit > Undo the Spongebob import. If any of the tracks need to be saved (you don’t have them as an audio file yet), click above Mute/ Solo in that track to select it, then File > Export Selection and save as WAV. Ensure you export to a drive that has enough space.

Now you can File > Exit Audacity, say “No” to “Save Changes?” then launch Audacity and import the necessary files again.


well hey i updated and the same problem i think i discovered the answer. How do you use the time shift tool to only move one track? Because the problem only happens when I copy the audio when its first imported at the beginning and post it where i want it. Otherwise when its first imported and at the beginning of the track it plays right along with the original audio. So how do i use the time shift tool to move only one track and not all the others?

Ensure that you don’t have multiple tracks “selected” (
Ensure that “Sync-Lock” is not enabled:

More tips on using the Time Shift tool:

Now we can see clearly what is happening. You have sync lock tracks enabled. When you import the sound sample the existing tracks are moved and a short silent section is created. Turn off sync lock tracks and things should work the way you want.

  • Bill

see this page in the manual re Sync-locking:


When he pastes the “I’m ready” sample, I think. :wink:

I wrongly thought the MP3 file contained all the random “I’m ready” shouts in sequence. Merely importing any file would not time shift the other tracks even if Sync-Lock Tracks was on.


Right you are, Gale (as usual). Import does not move audio under sync lock, paste does.
– Bill

alright cool well i appreciate the help ttyl.