Pasting audio and timing issue

I do a scripted audio drama style podcast. Yesterday after listening to the episode my director asked if we could change a line. It seems like this should be as easy as just pasting the new audio over the old but the problem I’m having is that the new line is just a little bit longer than the old one. Now everything on that vocal track is shifted down a few seconds and no linger lines up correctly with the other tracks.

Does anyone have any tips, tricks or suggestions for pasting audio without time shifts?


  1. Select the part that you want to replace.
  2. “Edit menu > Remove Special > Split Delete” - this leaves a gap where the old audio was removed.
  3. Record or import the new audio into a new track
  4. Use the Time Shift Tool to line up the audio clips. Note that you can “click + drag” with the normal “Selection Tool” to select multiple clips / tracks that you want to move together.