paste deletes adjacent sound

I’ve used Audacity quite a lot for recording and editing language files. I have over 50 edited Audacity files and I really like Audacity.
But this morning I had trouble with copy and paste. I was trying to insert silence into a sentence (which I’ve done hundreds of times with no problems. I copy a section of silence and then insert it in the middle of a sentence.) Instead of inserting the silence, the paste command deleted part of the sentence. I downloaded the newest version of Audacity 2.1.2.dmg and had the same problem. Please help!

Please explain exactly how you are pasting. A screen shot might help.

If you are pasting into a region of audio that is longer than the audio you want to paste, then audio to right of the paste will be deleted. Just click where you want to paste without dragging a region.

Or if you are pasting absolute silence, you can click where you want to paste (without dragging a region) then Generate > Silence… .


Thanks. Generate > Silence is very helpful.

So what is the problem with paste? Was it that you were pasting into a region?