Paste clip too large error bug?

Win 7 pro - V2.3.0 but experienced a similar bug on earlier versions.

When pasting a clip into a measured gap or highlighted section, once in awhile the clip will be too big (by a partial sample maybe). Then what happens beside the error message is that the track opening you’re pasting into then closes. An undo fixes it but I’ve found that on the older versions, the entire stereo track would collapse (one at a time with double errors) but on this version, only the top half of the stereo track collapses (hole closes). If not noticed and undone can really mess up your work.

I’ve never seen that myself, or heard of anyone else experiencing that problem. Can you give exact steps so that I can reproduce the problem?

Still waiting for this bug to be fixed. With 2.3.3 always had to open a section in the track to paste that was over-sized but if error for being too large happened, no negative results as could undo. Now with 2.4.1 was hoping it was fixed but when trying to paste OVER a section of track, half the track collapsed, the error appeared and no undo available to fix? Hopefully screen grab is self explanatory. :astonished:
2.4.1 error.jpg

I’m not able to reproduce the problem.
Can you provide steps for a minimal example that will allow me to reliably reproduce the issue?

Hi Steve,

Note that in track behaviors preferences I only have “Enable dragging selection edges” and “Type to create a label” checked.

Starting with a stereo track, and using the selection tool, move to middle and hit “Ctrl+I” to split the track. On right half of track somewhere, select a couple measures and copy with “Ctrl C”. Note the size.

Move to left side of track and highlight a couple measures that are SMALLER than the copied selection. Press “Ctrl V” to try to paste into it.

You should end up with something similar to screen grab above after the “There is not enough room available to paste the selection” message.

If only the error message appeared, no problem. Even if there is an undo available, no problem however, when I had the error above occur, no undo was available as I’d just loaded the file to continue editing.

After much testing of this, the best I can figure is that the split boundary to the right of the paste is the problem. It acts as a wall that can’t be pushed (which is good) so the error occurs but why the half track selection deletion and left shift happens is a mystery to me.

Since accidentally putting an oversize paste anywhere can really screw up a tracks location timing, I’ve gotten in the habit over the years to open a section with boundaries prior to pasting to prevent any shifting as a work around. Maybe a preference to prevent any shifting would be handy?

Hope this helps.

No. I just get the message “There is not enough room available to paste the selection”, but nothing else happens.

Interesting… Tell me, where is the link to the known 2.4.1 bugs you mentioned?

I find it coincidental that the other post I made about mix-down only shows the top stereo track being selected after the mixing of just stereo tracks and this anomaly is only effecting the upper half of the new stereo track. :confused:

The Audacity bug tracker is here: