Paste and replace with cross-fade


I’m trying to repair an audio file that has a problem in one of the stereo channels. For that I’m trying to copy over the other channel for the affected time range. I could find a way to split the stereo channels and select/edit them separately. But I cannot paste the part of the correct channel onto the other without changing its length.

I’m looking for a way to copy the content from one channel into the same time of the other channel, but not insert the data but replace the existing. If possible, also with a small cross-fade between old and new of a few milliseconds.

I used to work with Cool Edit Pro 1.2 many years ago, as long as it would run on Windows 10. That was the best editor ever. All of this went really easy. With Audacity I’m always struggling. It seems to be made for really complex things I cannot even imagine, not for simple audio file editing.

My Audacity version is 2.4.2. I see that it’s not the latest version. Will it pay to upgrade it first?

I wrote a plug-in for that. Hang on and I’ll see if I can find the relevant post…

Here it is:

Thank you, that worked satisfyingly well. The plugin is easy to use, but my audio had slight differences between the channels (hihat louder on the right channel than the broken left channel). I had only noticed that after repairing the file. But still a lot better than before.

Specifying the cross-fade time in ms instead of % would be easier though. Usually 2 to 5 ms is enough to compensate for phase differences and such. The default 20% highly depend on the selection length and need to be recalculated every time.

Glad it worked for you, and thanks for the feedback.

Yes a “ms” crossfade was something I considered, but then there’s the question of what to do if the selection is less than double the specified crossfade length. In my own testing I found that it was easier to guess an appropriate % than ms. Also there are some situations where a very slow crossfade works best, but that would require making the slider range much bigger than the typical case. Pros and cons either way I think :wink:

Spectral-editing could tame the loud high-hat …
https ://
(you’ll have to temporarily split the stereo pair so you can edit one side only)