Partial Distortion but not clipping

I have an audacity file, several actually, where there are portions of a recording that have a distorted / robotic tin over my voice. The wave amplitude is below .5 on the entire track, so I’m nowhere near clipping. It also doesn’t seem to be a recording issue since I didn’t change any setting and there is no noticeable change in volume. Perhaps it’s some sort of electronic interference during the recording?

Is there a way to resolve this other than rerecording everything?

Thank you!

I think you’re stuck recording it again. We can’t take out echoes, reverb, compression distortion, or echo suppression Skype/Zoom distortion.

That’s what I think you have. We need to sort where that is coming from, or your fresh recording is just going to do it again.

You may have a nice microphone in a quiet, echo-free room and be using Audacity perfectly correctly, but Windows in the middle can cause a whole pile of problems.

Windows has effects, processing, and enhancements and if your goal is to create plain, clear speech, you need to find all those tools and turn them off. And I’m going to tell you how to do that any minute now. I think there’s a pre-baked posting and list of instructions that I will be looking for.

I think you made a Zoom conference and left Zoom running in the background, or Zoom left its sound processing running even thought you turned it off. That sound right? Skype? Microsoft Meetings? Anything like that?


Google Search


You can get into some deep-dish problems with these effects. For example, Windows has a tool called Microphone Boost. Sounds simple, right? It can bump up a soft microphone to be of good volume in a production. However, what usually happens is someone will mis-adjust their microphone or use it wrong, create a noisy performance, and then make the noise louder.

You should take steps to make the microphone as close as possible to perfect volume without all the tools.