Part of track selected while in effect window: Cannot select whole track

Hi! Let’s say I select a part of the audio track, open the De-Clicker, and preview. I decide I like what I hear and want to apply this effect to the whole track. Then I (think I) have to cancel out of the de-clicker window, select the whole track, re-open the de-clicker, and click Apply to execute. Question: is there a way that I can select the whole track without having to cancel-out of the de-clicker window? (I.e. select part of the track, open de-clicker, preview, then select the whole track, and apply.) Thanks on beforehand.
PS. I have a Windows 10 PC and Audacity 2.4.2.

For “normal” effects:
If the project has only one track, then you can:

  1. Apply the effect to the selection. This causes the settings to be remembered for next time.
  2. “Ctrl + Z” (Undo)
  3. “Ctrl + A” (select all)
  4. “Ctrl + R” (repeat last effect)

The above steps are very quick and convenient once you’ve done it a few times to get the shortcuts into “muscle memory”.
If the project has more than one track, then change step 3 to select the required track.

For “real time preview” effects (such as “Bass and Treble” and VST effects) which have an “Apply” button, you can change the selection before clicking the “Apply” button.