So what’s the logic of this ?

Especially for Guitar

When your tracks starts out DEFAULT in MIDDLE , Sounds very crowded

But when your HARD PAN that sucker left or right , Their becomes big time Clarity ?

Why is the Sound Behavior so different now ?

You can wire a microphone or pickup wrong and get phase cancellation problems which sound like that. You can have speaker problems, too. Are you listening on headphones?

Download and play this 40 second sound clip.

I expect the fourth segment “Out Of Phase” to sound hollow or weird or like it’s coming from behind you. You got problems if the third segment does that.


Nope all sounded good ,

What it is , 2 Copies of my guitar ONE LEFT HARD ONE RIGHT HARD Sounds better then 1 Copy smack dab in the center.

I suppose it’s all in the brain as well too ? :laughing:

Two copies will be louder than one, (all other factors being equal).

Windows has a playback enhancements,
one is “Virtual Surround” which mixes left & right channels.
You can switch it off …

Cool , I did an experiment

4 tracks their all the same GUITAR RECORDING

2 are Left 50% 100%

2 are Right 50% 100%

Now meters are in the RED but , The sound quality and everything still sounds AWESOME ,

I thought RED mean’t

it’s going to start sounding horrible and clip ?

Clipping on electric guitars can sound good : a Jimi Hendrix fuzzbox effect.