panning yields tinny sound

In my remix I want to position the left channel and right channel vocal track (the same track on both sides) 35% from center on both sides.

I changed both tracks to mono and used the pan slider but the result was a tinny sound vs the channels being left and right. I am using headphone.

I tried panning the tracks as left and right channels but I did not notice any change in position.

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If you take exactly the same track (duplicated) and pan the two copies by equal amounts left and right, it will sound like it is coming out the middle.

– Bill

Bill - sorry for the wording in my posting for I did duplicate the vocal track from the right channel.

Can the same two tracks being left and right channel be panned and get the same position as with mono? I tried but the vocals were still hard left and hard right. It is telling when “Come On” vocal tracks play for these are mono at 35% left and 35% for the right and are perfect for position and sound quality.

The sound quality of the tracks as left-right channel (vs mono) is better but the separation is to great.