Panning at specific value ( eg 4.5hz)

Hi experts
I am generating an audio

  1. It has 5 frequency combination
    Eg 100 hz, 200 hz, 300hz 400hz and 500hz

I want to pan the output audio at specific rate
Like 1.5 hz
Or 2.14 hz
Or 9.15 hz

Is it possible in Audacity?

There’s an Audacity plugin for that: panlfo2a.ny …

Hi Trebor
Thank you so much,
I downloaded the plugin, but i am not able to use it, perhaps i dont know how to

  1. i opened a stereo track
    now if i go to : Tracks and select PAN option i see only : LEDT -RIGHT-CENTRE options

if i go to effects i do not see the plugin.

can you help me?

After downloading you have to install the plugin …
Then restart Audacity, then the effect appears in the “n/a” folder in the effects list …
panlfo in audacity3