Pan audio controls in Audacity?

I’m looking for a simple answer on whether I can perform a particular task in Audacity. For that reason, I don’t feel like I need to go through the trouble of finding out whether I have the zip or .exe, and I believe I have the latest version but that isn’t relevant to my question. It’s not about troubleshooting a problem, just me wanting something and asking if Audacity can get me there. Hope someone can answer.
I have a restored version of Stand By Me by Ben E King from YouTube (someone else’s work, not my own). It is the highest quality version of the song available as far as I know. The instruments are very clear. However, despite that and kind of paradoxically, it can be hard to listen to because the instruments are mixed very specifically direction-wise. Strings can only be heard on the right side, percussion on the left, and Ben’s vocals in the center. My question is, is it possible within audacity to make the instruments play more close to the center so it doesn’t give me a migraine every time I listen to it? Obviously anything that wouldn’t degrade the audio would be ideal. I realize you can adjust left/right for playback, but I feel that would exacerbate my issue, and I don’t know of a feature that would bring the sounds that are very far to the right or left more towards the center.

The version of Audacity is very often important, even when it seems like it may not be.
The current version of Audacity is 2.1.3 (available here:
To find the version number, look in “Help > About Audacity”.

Yes, you can install and use the optional “Channel Mixer” plug-in, which is available here:

Please note that this plug-in will not work with very old versions of Audacity.

Installation instructions for installing this plug-in in the current version of Audacity, can be found here: