Padding timeshifted tracks for export?

Suppose I have a session with two tracks that I’ve offset from on another with the timeshift tool. So maybe one starts at 00:00 and is 01:00 long and another starts at 00:15 and is 00:05 long. If I do an Export Multiple on this session, what I end up with is a one-minute track and a five-second track. Is it possible to have these tracks be automatically “padded” so that I end up with two one-minute tracks, one of which just contains a five-second clip starting at 00:15? My current process is to create a track of silence equal in length to the longest track in the session and then past sound effects and whatnot into it. Needless to say, that gets a little tedious, so I just want to make sure I’m not missing something.


Mute or silence the unneeded tracks and export the whole composite?


Just be careful with the Mute.

In 1.2 Audacity does not honour the mute on export (though it does when you play the project). This is a known bug which is fixed in 1.3.x


Replying and hopefully bumping for some more feedback.

(EDIT: apologies to kozikowski, I upon re-reading your response, I see what you’re getting at when you talk about muting and compositing-- still, bumping in the hopes that there’s an easier way…)

Exporting composite isn’t what I’m going for. What I need to get from the exporting process is a separate MP3 for each track. The thing is that I need all those MP3s to be the same length, and by default they’re not. If there’s any way to auto-pad clips in this way, or any technique that’s easier than creating several long tracks of silence and then pasting them in it would help me immensely.