Packing density on CDR audio disk

I am using audacity 2.0.2 (excellent software by the way) and trying to pack 7 files onto an audio CDR using windows media player.
My first set of files at 128Kbps came to 81Mb and the last 2 files needed to go onto a second disk, so I re exported the sound files at 96Kbps which totaled to 61Mb, however this stil required 2 disk and overran by the same 12 minute. What did I do wrong?

Audio CDs always store data as stereo, 44100 Hz sample rate, 16 bit format.
This means that the maximum capacity for an audio CD is around 74 to 80 minutes.

“Data CDs” can hold MP3 files with a much longer playing time, but most stand alone CD players cannot play data CDs.
Good CD burning software will provide a choice to burn a CD as either an audio CD or a data CD.

Because the format for an audio CD is always stereo, 44100 Hz sample rate, 16 bit format, it is best to use this format for the files that you want on the CD. Using a low quality format such as MP3 will not allow you to fit more onto an audio CD, it will just mean that the sound quality is reduced,

The latest version is 2.0.5: Audacity ® | Download for Windows .