Override default "new track" on stop?

Just wondering, is it possible to configure Audacity not to drop down to a new track on ‘stop’? I know it is possible to ‘pause’, which keeps you on the same track…but is there any way (clean or hack) to get it to continue recording on the same line after a stop?

Generally, this isn’t a big deal, but I’m working with a friend who does massive amounts of sound dubbing, for whom this is a Deal Breaker. He is currently using Adobe Audition 1.5, which does the job fairly well…but it’s Adobe software (=$$, among other problems) and it’s OLD. He would like to be able to use Audacity, but his work involves a lot of preset tracks and files, and when he (accidentally?) hits stop, the active track needs to remain the same. He said that although he loved Audacity otherwise, it just got old real fast ‘re-compiling/joining’ tracks that got split by a stop.

If it’s simply not possible without hacking a bunch of source code, I’ll just drop the issue. (shrugs) …but I’m pretty sure someone out there has done it before.

Any ideas, please share. Thanx!


Fedora 17
Audacity 2.0.0 (Unicode)

Transport > Append Record (see http://manual.audacityteam.org/help/manual/man/transport_menu.html#append ).


(small) Oh…ok! :blush: (Why is easy stuff so hard to find sometimes…I googled long and hard for that!)

Thanks, Gale!


One more small question…

Is there any way to make “Append” the default?

You can modify/customise the keyboard shortcuts Index of /man

Not sure - “append” is probably not a term many would search for, but “Audacity record end same track” finds it OK:
Audacity record end same track - Google Zoeken .

I made a note to consider adding a Frequently Asked Question for this, possibly also dealing with how to do “punch-in” recordings to replace audio in the middle of a track. Audacity cannot do that automatically.

Steve’s suggestion will work fine for making the R shortcut do Append-Record instead of Record (clear the existing R for Record first).

If you want a way to make the Record button do Append-Record (without the SHIFT modifier) please ask and we’ll add your vote.


i would like to vote for feature to make append record by default an option.

if no one wants to attempt to add this feature in, I could possibly give it a go. I am a software engineer by trade, I’m not very familiar with GTK (this is what its written in right?) but that can change. I am familiar with C and C++ though. By no means am I an ultra expert, but I know how to get around well enough and even implement and use some OOP principals…

It is looking like append record will be the default in the next release. It is the default in the current alpha code.

Although this particular feature has been done, feel free to have a go at another feature enhancement or bug fix.

Audacity is written almost entirely in C++ using WxWidgets toolkit (https://www.wxwidgets.org/).

I’m not sure why this topic is in the Linux section, but I see you are on Windows, so if you want to try building Audacity from the source code, I’d suggest you look at the information on the discussion page of the wiki here: Missing features - Audacity Support (This information is a bit more up to date than the main page, but is still “work in progress”)

Once again, the main article page is not meant to be a substitute for compile.txt. It is compile.txt that may need to be updated.

You will still need to read the main article page otherwise you probably won’t be able to find the correct version of Visual Studio to dosnload. That download information should be put in compile.txt, given we still use a very old version of Visual Studio.