Overlaying two tracks - sort of!!

I’m completely new to this. The answer may already be on this forum - but I don’t even have the technical language to know what to search with!!

I am trying to record a Skype conversation on two separate channels - which I can do without any problem.

The problem is that each channel is distinctly separate so there is no sense that the two people are in the same room.

I want to keep a measure of left/right separation but also have the conversation meeting in the middle of my/the listener’s head as well.

Does this make sense?

I suppose that I want to be able to playback the file so that there is a sort of mono effect but with each speaker emphasised in each left or right ear.

Anyway, I’m sure that it must be possible to do and I’d be grateful for some advice.


which I can do without any problem.

Pamela Business or Pamela Professional?

Pamela gave you a stereo show with the users split, right?

it should be possible to “fade” each track to the other side a little with the panning controls. Split the track into two with the left-hand drop-down menus. You should get two panning controls on the left, one for each track. Push those around until the show sounds natural . When you Export the show, Audacity will mix down the two tracks to one stereo show with the new settings.

I’ve never done that, so this will be the first time for both of us.