Overlaying audio samples [SOLVED]


first of all i have to say sorry, i’m pretty sure this kind of question comes up pretty often. But i really have no clue how it is called so it’s hard to find any info on google.
Basically i have 1 Big speech where i want to add small some samples to. Now what i did was opening the big speech and import the samples i want to add. Now my biggest issue for me is how do i move this samples to the spot where i want them?
I do it by using ctrl+x and ctrl+v which doesn’t seem like it’s the way it’s meant to be done. Is there any more elegant way to do that?

I would really appreciate your help.
Thank you in advance.

Do you want to “insert” the small samples into the big speech, or do you want to “overlay” the small samples so that they play at the same time without breaking the flow of the Big speech?

To “insert” the samples, then simply Ctrl+X Ctrl+V to cut and paste is probably the quickest way. So long and you are pasting into a silence between words in the Big speech you should get a reasonable result.

To “overlay” the samples, use the Time Shift tool to move the small samples to where you want them.

First off, which Audacity version are you using?

Copy paste works for me, but I use a Mac. I don’t think Win10 would limit that, so we need to see if you have a recent and authentic Audacity installed. Where did you download yours?

You got to imagin it like beeping “cursewords”. I wan’t to overlay samples so that you don’t hear smth else in that moment. I do that by “inserting silence” into the big speech and put a layer of the sample at this empty spot. It works quite well so far. But using ctrl+v is a bit annoying. So i wonder if it is possible to just “drag and drop” the samples?

Hey thank you so much. That did the trick!