Overlapping WAVs make sync nightmare

I have a relatively long recording and the recording device broke it up into consecutive wav files.
I put them all in Audacity and then put them one after the other in a single track. This has worked great for a few weeks while I’m working on putting labels.
Suddenly this morning the wavs appear to overlap each other and no longer in alignment. I can’t seem to break them up or move them like I could before. when I click one of the labels you can see it select the whole thing even under the other tracks that are overlapping.
My label track no longer aligns and the audio wavs clip each other.
it would almost as if you were in photoshop and there are layers and each are on top of each other, but the layers would be locked.
I have tried to select the clip and copy and paste, but it takes from the overlapping wav.

All of my previous projects that I have opened are doing this same thing, which makes me think that I accidentally clicked or keyboard shortcut some an option/feature that I didn’t realize.
What do I do to fix this?
I’m on Mac using 13.6.7 and Audacity 3.5.1 Is it possible the MacOS 13.6.7 did this after updating last night?

Certo! Ecco la traduzione in inglese:

“I had the same problem. Additionally, after a lot of effort to create the audio file, I saved it as an mp3. It says it has been converted, but it is nowhere to be found on the computer.”

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