Overdubs will not work

I’m using Windows 10 Home Version, Audacity 2.3.0 and a Focusrite Scarlett Solo USB Interface.

What I want to do: Play along (bass) with the generated rhythm track.
My Problem: Audacity let’s me generate a rhythm track, but when I go to overdub on a second track the recording ALWAYS begins at the END of the generated rhythm track. No matter where
I move the cursor, it always automatically begins recording my bass at the end of the generated rhythm track.

I’ve tried importing audio files, which is allows me to do, and it does the same thing when I attempt to record.

“Shift + R” or “Shift + click the record button” to record to a new track.

That worked!

Thanks x1000!

Hi buddy, does these still work as of the present date? As for me it didn’t trigger.

Note: My shift key have some issue, so it might be the shift key issue too so confirming.

Cisa Smith

Yes, with the current version (Audacity 2.3.2)

I see that you managed to type upper case “N” and “M” in the above sentence. What seems to be the problem with your shift key?

You don’t need the shift key to do this. You can change the default action of the “R” key.

Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Recording > [_] Record on a new track (de-select).