I’m trying to use “overdubbing”. I’ve read the tutorial. I’ve set preferences to allow overdubbing. I’ve installed latest version of Audacity. I’ve opened my background music track. When I select “record”, background music track does not record on new track. Can anyone help?

Please be more specific. Look in “Help > About Audacity” to find the exact version number.

Audacity 2.1.3

I’ve just re-read that, and I’m a bit confused about what exactly you are trying to do.
Do you have a backing track that you wish to overdub with yourself singing / playing to the backing track?
If that’s what you are trying to do, then what form is the backing track - do you have it as an audio file (an MP3 for example)?
What are you wanting to record, how and with what equipment do you intend to record it?

It’s supposed to add new tracks as you go. Backing, voice, trumpet, violin. That lets you mess with the individual voices and instruments and then make a final mix when you’re happy.

If you make a final mix in real time, you can’t ever make a mistake.


I’m trying to record voice over background music .mp3 file.Tutorial says that, if I check “overdubbing” in preferences and leave the background track unmuted, then I should hear background music plus voice on the new track.

Almost there.

Audacity will produce a new separate voice track under the backing track and play them at the same time. You can pick one or the other or both with the MUTE and SOLO controls to the left.

If you like what you hear, File > Export and Audacity will smash both tracks into one for Export to a new stand-alone sound file.

Fair warning, Audacity needs extra Lame software installed to make a new MP3 file. Scroll down.


Now let’s say you want to make the voice track louder. Select the voice track and make it louder. If Music and Voice are in one track, you’re stuck. We can’t take a mixed performance apart into separate voice and music.

You can make a mix if you want it. Tracks > Mix and Render to a New Track. Audacity will make a mix for you on a third track. You want to be careful with that. If you’re not paying attention, you can export a sound file and Audacity will mix all three of them into the show.


Your suggestions worked! I have a finished project. Thank you very much.