Can someone suggest a way that enables me to move around my 2nd audio track so that it comes out at a certain place while the first audio track is running?

I’ve got some music running on Audio 1.
I’ve got some short dialogue on Audio 2 I want to overdub at a particular point.

So far I can’t see a way of moving it anywhere from the beginning. Cut and paste doesn’t improve things so is there another way of dropping it into the mix?

Many thanks.

Audacity v.1.3 is better for this kind of thing.

Use the “Time Shift Tool” from the toolbar to slide your clips along their track.
Use one track for each audio clip, then you can drag each to the exact position that you want it.

You can start recording at a specific time in the track by clicking on a track in the appropriate place with the “Selection Tool”. When you start recording it will then create a new track, and record from the selected position.
If you select a region of the track, the recording will begin at the point where the selection begins, and stop at the end of the selection.