Overdubbing with lexicon i-onix u42s

I cannot overdub vocals or instruments when my output speakers are set to Lexicon i-onix u42s. I keep getting ‘unexpected error’ notifications. It’s driving me crazy. Can anyone help with this?

So this error can occur if the input and output data rates are not the same, resulting in an buffer overflow or underflow condition, or just general failure. Audacity’s default data (sample) rate is 44100Hz (lower left-hand corner). Some devices prefer 48000Hz. In Windows, type “mmsys.cpl” in the Windows search bar. In the “Recording” tab of the windows that pops up, select your Lexicon I-ONIX U42S, then Properties > Advanced > Default Rate. Compare that with the same on the “Playback tab”. All three sample rates must be the same.

And since you are overdubbing, the rates should also be the same as your audio. (Otherwise, Tracks > Resample)

I hope this helps. :smiley: