Overdubbing doubles on playback

Hi there!

So I’m completely frustrated and I apologize for what is most likely a simple question! I’m using 2.1.2 on Windows 8.1 on a Microsoft Surface Pro. I purchased a Behringer Xenyx Q502USB mixer with an Audio Technica AT2020 Condensor Mic and Audio Technica ATH-M40X headphones.
Bottom line I hit the record button and record a rhythm guitar track. No problem sounds great. When I go to record the lead guitar part over the first track, the first track is part of the second track. Essentially now the second track is a combination of the first track and second track!

My setup is MME, Microphone USB Audio Codec, Speakers USB Audio Codec.

So here’s what I’ve done… Under Edit\Preferences\Recording I have Overdub checked. I’ve watched 3,428 YouTube videos with no solution, I’ve read the manual. I’ve played around with the solo and mute functions for each track with no success. I’ve experimented with the “To Phones” and “To Main Mix” on the Behringer mixer. I’m just completely stumped!!!

Did I mention I was frustrated??? Any help would be so greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance!


Edit > Preferences > Recording: [_] Playthrough (de-select).

You should be recording USB Audio Codec and not Stereo Mix or What-U-Hear.

You should be on headphones-only if you have a live microphone.

Close, really close Skype.

We have had several postings that somehow manage to double record like this for no known reason. Many puzzled looks all around. There is no known audio pathway that can do this, yet there it is.


Did any of those work?

Can you tell us exactly what happens with “To Phones” pressed and “To Main Mix” released? The Behringer forum say to “Use “2-Track to Phones” and the phones out”.


“To Phones” is supposed to feed the Audacity overdubbing playback into your headphones so you can overdub with the old tracks in your headphones as a guide along with your real-time voice. It shouldn’t affect the show at all.

“To Main Mix” adds the old tracks to the real time voice and ships the mix to Audacity for recording. That one setting will give you repeated duplications and pile-ups at increasing volume as the show proceeds.