Overdubbing a soft-synth w/o recording the 1st track


I can’t be the first person to ask this question so I apologize for asking something that has certainly been asked before but my search skills failed to locate.

I’m running V2.0.1 on Windows Vista.

I opened a previously recorded drum track in Audacity, a wav file recorded in a studio. I’m trying to record an overdub, a second track, of me real time manipulating a soft-synth part (Propellerhead’s Reason is the soft-synth). The Reason part records just fine BUT the problem that I’m running into is that the Drum track is getting mixed in with it on it’s track. I just want 2 isolated tracks. The Drum track by it’s self and the Reason track by it’s self. Couple other details, I’m not using any MIDI controller I’m just using my computer keyboard and my mouse to play the synth and I need to be able to hear the drum track while I record. Can this be done?

Thanks for reading. Again I’m sure this has been asked so if someone could point me to that thread or provide any answer it would be tremendously appreciated.

Actually, I think this is the first time I’ve heard this particular problem.

I don’t think you can do that. In order to record your software synth, you have to have Audacity and Windows in Stereo Mix or one of the other setups where you run the play system back into the record system. That is exactly the setup that’s causing the double recording.

There are ways to do this with a hardware synth, a machine outside the computer. We wrote the overdubbing tutorials assuming external sound devices.

To hear the synth, you have to be listening to the computer playback system. To hear the drum track, you have to be listening to the computer playback system. To record the synth, you have to record the speakers. What’s wrong with this picture?

It’s possible you might find a setup that lets you overdub without listening to the synth – playing it blind (or deaf in this case).

Edit > Preferences > Recording. Make sure Playthrough is turned off.


Thanks Koz I appreciate the feedback!

The problem was pretty obvious but I was hoping for a magical solution. Alas… :frowning: I need to hear the sampler during playback or it wont work at all. I have a work around but it’s gonna be a huge pain in the butt. Oh well!

Thanks again.

Could you record your synth part as a MIDI track in Reason, then if you need it as an audio track, render/record it as a WAV file in Reason?

HI Steve!

I misspoke in saying synth. It’s a software sampler built into Reason and the samples are all bits of cut up speeches and various news sound bites, but a version of your idea may just work better than what I was thinking of doing :smiley: . I could just hit play on Audacity and record the sampler parts on Reason than export the sampler part as a wav and add it as a track to Audacity. Rinse, lather, and repeat as needed!!