I am using Audacity Ver. 2 which I just installed using the .exe installer on my DELL, running Windows XP. I am a new user and believe I set up according to the Audacity Manual. However, my test resulted in the songs copied from tape cassette (FR-I Type I Normal Position - 60 minute tape) running on “Tape2Mp3” device connected via USB port, being recorded on top of each other. I double-checked to be sure that Overdub is not checked in the Preferences. However, Software Playthrough is checked. Also, Sound Activated Recording is not checked. I have made several attempts at recording, even stopping the player and the Record control after each song, to no avail. Any suggestions on how to overcome this problem?

Your goal is to play a second tape against the first recording and not have them mix? You got the settings backwards. You DO want Overdub selected and you do NOT want playthrough selected.

That corrected combination plays the first track out to the speakers and records a new track with whatever you send it. They are one on top of the other, though. Use the SOLO and MUTE buttons to select which track to listen to.

That’s not to say it’s the only thing that can go wrong. You have to be very clear that you’re recording from the USB sound device and not Stereo-Mix or any of those “fake” sound devices.

You may also have to make sure that Windows isn’t sending your speaker feed back out to the tape machine instead of the speakers. That’s very common on Windows. Both problems can be addressed with the device toolbar.



It’s less than clear what you’re shooting for. Why would you want that? What’s the goal?


Do you mean that you ended up with, say, 10 stereo tracks stacked one on top of another in the Audacity window? That’s normal. Audacity is a multi-track audio editor. To export one of these to, say, a WAV file just click anywhere in its waveform and do File > Export Selection… and make the appropriate choices for name, etc.