Overdub track coming in seconds too early. Please help!!

Hi I have Windows 7. 2.3.1 Audacity .exe installer. I have been using Audacity for quite a while with good results. I have been adding backing vocals to my tracks. Today when I tried to do this the backing vocal overdub track comes in about 1 or 2 seconds too early every single time. The tracks are totally out of synch. I have no idea why. It never used to do this. I have the latency settings on the default setting, and it is the new track coming in way too early. I am using a mic hooked up to a Focusrite 2.i.2 Scarlett USB interface. I am using headphones plugged into the Focusrite as well. I don’t know what I am doing wrong. It used to work fine. Please help! Thanks so much. Erica.

A workaround would be to use the time-shift tool to get things in-sync …

Recording latency is adjustable and there is a little dance you can do to make sure it’s OK, but there’s no good reason for it to change.

I would probably begin with a simple shutdown, wait and start. That’s different from Restart. Actually shut it down.

The Recording Latency adjustment takes into account the time it takes for the machine to play the backing track and the time it takes to record new work. One thing which can affect that is your internal drive filling up.

This happens to the video people. “It’s been working for months and suddenly it’s acting funny.”