Overdub recording question

I can record sounds from my internet connection using the WASAPI setting, but my microphone only records using the MME setting. I want to re-record something I recorded from the internet with a microphone overdub, but if I use the WASAPI setting, then the microphone doesn’t work, and if I use MME setting, then the pre-recorded track sounds terrible. Is there a way to successfully re-record the internet sound track with a microphone overdub?

Sorry, I’m having a problem wrapping my head around exactly what it is you are trying to do. :frowning_face:

Two tips that may or may not help: :grinning:

  1. When recording via WASAPI, select the maximum number of channels.

  2. Open the Microsoft Sound Control Panel. Select the recording tab, then right-click in the blank area, then select show disabled and disconnected devices. Sometimes you can locate Stereo Mix.


I appreciate your advice, but I still have questions…

  1. When recording via WASAPI how do you select the maximum number of channels?

  2. On the Microsoft sound control panel under the recording tab both the microphone and stereo mix are working properly. The problem is that the microphone only functions if MME is selected as the host, and the stereo mix only works properly if WASAPI is selected. So I can record and playback sound from the internet if I select WASAPI, but I can only record using the microphone if MME is selected, and since I can’t do both at the same time, it’s impossible to record an overdub. Do you why that happens and how to fix it?

Thanks for your help,

Audacity can’t easily record from two different devices at the same time. That’s also the reason you can’t record both sides of a Skype or Zoom call.

I did it with two computers and a sound mixer.


That also lets you play tricks such as music inserts and background. This was an engineering test, so it’s all chopped up. But it did work. Denise is three time zones away.


Curious. I’ve never seen this behavior before.


If you have symptoms that are weird or unusual, you might start looking at other stuff running in your machine. For one famous example, Zoom takes over the sound services when it runs and you have nothing to say about it. Sometimes a program can run and stop, but leave its sound settings behind to cause trouble.

Do a clean shutdown. Shift+Shutdown > OK > Wait > Start. Not regular Shutdown and not Restart. Do not let anything start when the machine wakes up.


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