Overdub Pitch Problems

I can’t seem to overdub without my pitch lowering quite a bit. All of my hardware is running through a Line6 Pod HD500X. Recording always turns out great unless I try playing something in the background. Even if I play what I need to hear in a different application (like windows media player), it still lowers my recording pitch.

Using version 2.4.2
Overdubbing is turned on, and Software Playthrough is turned off.

The rate is set to 44100 hz in audacity.

The recording device in sound settings is set to it’s default of 44100 hz, 24 bit.
(It will not record as perfectly as it does without this set, and if changed, is irreversible without rebooting everything)

I also have a very high priority level set for Audacity, and stop all running programs while using it.

It sounds like a sample rate problem. Try changing the “Project Rate” (lower left corner of the main Audacity window) to 48000.

Changing the rate actually didn’t do anything. The recording sounds the same whether it’s 44100 or 48000 (and whether I’m trying to overdub or not).

Changing the rate actually didn’t do anything.

What else do you have running? Skype, Zoom, etc.? Look at your Dock and see what’s indicated or lighted. If you start making changes and nothing happens, that could mean there’s something else on the machine fighting you.


Maybe you have done everything there is to do. It may be worth double-checking…

In the POD HD500X Advanced Guide (page 9-12), it suggests that the LIne 6 “native” sample rate is 48 KHz; so I would suggest staying with that rate. It is worthwhile checking that your POD is setup to run at that rate: Check the HD500X setup page 5/10. It also says S/PDIF Output there (manual page 2-9).

In Audacity, in the lower left-hand corner, set it to 48000 Hz. If you import any tracks, convert them to 48000 Hz.

In the Windows search window, type “mmsys.cpl”, then be sure to set both your Recording and your Playback device. On your Recording tab, select your device, then Properties, then Advanced, etc. Repeat this for your Playback device.

I hope this helps. :neutral_face:

Aha! Converting the imports worked perfectly. Thanks for such a detailed solution!

Are you sure that is what fixed the problem?

How exactly did you “convert” the imports?