Overdrive removal

Hi, I have recorded an audio file with Audacity with the internal microphones of my Macbook Pro during a concert. Unfortunately, it was very loud in the room and I did not adjust the input level, so the resulting file is totally overdriven in volume. Is there a filter I can use which can maybe reduce the clipping and interpolate the volume so it will sound better? THX for replies!

Export > WAV (Microsoft) to make a safety copy of the show before you do anything else. Put the copy in a safe place. If the stereo show went over three hours, export it as the highest possible quality MP3.

View > Show Clipping.

Did the timeline turn into a sea of red?

If it did, that’s the end of the world.

There is a Clip-Fix tool, but it repairs a tiny part of a musical note and it uses the healthy work on both sides to do it. If you have no healthy work, that’s it.

Drag-select about ten seconds of it, export as WAV and post it here.