Overall wave level

Windows 7, Audacity 2.0.6 from installer.
I have an MP3 portable speaker player and it doesn’t have any volume control. Is there a way to lower the total recorded audio and then export it as MP3. It needs to be decreased by approximately 70%, even though the recorded audio is within normal limits, which would be fine if there was a control on the speaker. Thanks

Effect → Amplify will reduce the volume if you enter a negative dB value. (Technically, you are attenuating instead of amplifying in this case.)

-3dB is about 70% of the signal/voltage level, and it’s half the power. But, -3dB doesn’t sound like 70% (or 50%) because our hearing is approximately logarithmic. So that may not be enough, and you may try -6dB or more and/or reduce the volume multiple times.

Thanks for the help with the level adjustment. It worked great for me in this application. I did actually go down about -25 dB to get an acceptable level though. Thanks again. Ken