Outputting via one Audacity & Recording in the other

OSX 10.12.1
Audacity 2.0.6

I have a short (0.048 second) clip I want to repeat many times. So I try shift+space for looping playback, then I cannot record in the other audacity project.

Duplicate duplicates below in another track, not forward in time.

I try outputting via Soundflower or a MultiOutput Device, but Audacity will not let me record in one window while looping playback in another. How do I do this?

Either the playback or the record will have to be in another program or machine. Audacity will not run two different instances of itself doing two different jobs.


That sucks. Anyway I can get around this with extra hardware + one machine?

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The clip is too short for VLC to play, or I would try playback in VLC then record in Audacity

There’s a trick to that. You make a loop until it’s long enough. VLC thinks it’s playing a minute loop. The minute is really 6, ten-second pieces jammed together in Audacity pre-production. Change the numbers as appropriate.


Use the Terminal?

repeat 2 afplay /Users/user/Desktop/cassette-player-button-1.wav

Adjust number and file path. Repeats seemlessly.

Use Jack or soundflower to route?

I didn’t know about repeat, thank you! (Looks like watch on OSX will do the trick).

I ended up piping into Soundflower 2CH and recording in Quicktime as needed. Thanks everyone!