I am using a new device to copy my old tapes to the computer, but this time my father’s voice sounds like a woman’s - in other words - the speed is too high. Since the tape recorder plays normally it comes out on Audacity wrongly. How can I adjust it??? Please help someone… Thank you.

There is a playback speed control in Audacity. It’s to the right of the green “Play” button. Make sure it’s set to 1.00.

The playback speed control won’t affect an exported file… So if you export to WAV or MP3, the speed of your file will be OK (when played on Windows Media Player, etc.) even if the playback slider has been moved.

If you press SPACE (spacebar) to play and it’s still too fast then the problem is how it was recorded.

Is it a USB cassette deck? Make sure your Audacity project rate bottom left is 44100 Hz.