Output Volume too quiet

Hey guys, I am recording a piano recording through a USB interface into Audacity. The quality is great. However, even after I normalize or Amplify it to 0 dB, the output volume is still much quieter than other videos. (I upload piano covers/originals to YouTube and any other piano video or music video at all is significantly louder than mine.) Obviously I don’t want to go past 0dB and make the recording crappy. Is there any way you can leave the amplitude at 0 dB but still turn the final volume higher? Thanks in advance!

Effect > Compressor. All the tools in this series actually change the loudness of the show note by note. The posted show is not going to strictly follow the expression of the player any more. How bad that is will depend on which compressor you select, the settings, and how it was designed.

You might like straight Chris’s Compressor. That one’s a dynamic broadcast compressor that will definitely make your show louder and denser.