Output to headphone option not given

I just bought a new MacBook Pro 16" laptop and installed Audacity on it. While I can hear a track on the built in speakers, I cannot get my headphone to work using the audio jack (nor does it cut the built in speakers when plugged in). I can hear via the headphones when using other programs though (and sound to built in speakers do cut out when plugged in). So problem is unique to Audacity.

Specifics: OS 13.4.1 (Ventura)
System Settings Sound all look good.
Audacity only gives me the choice of MacBook Pro Speakers in the Audio Setup though.

I have enjoyed using Audacity for years and have 2.4.2 on my older 27" iMac

That’s the known, good, working Audacity. Hang onto it.

Any reason you went with that version? Did you get it from the official site?

Those are most unusual symptoms. I can’t wait for comments from the other elves. Sometimes you can get odd symptoms when the permissions or allowances are set wrong, but the analog headphone socket is typically immune to that. It’s the go-to connection when everything else fails.

Just because I’m required by the elven rules, you did try to shutdown (not restart), go make coffee, and then start the MBP? Since this is a new machine, it doesn’t “chong” any more, right? I rather liked that chong and I’d be using the option to turn it back on, particularly in troubleshooting conditions.

Any change?


That chime is not a “pretty” thing. It signifies, or used to signify that the machine passed its Power-On/Self-Test. It’s possible to get a Mac into a condition where the power button is needed, but it doesn’t do the check.


Went with the newest Audacity version because of the OS 13.4.1. I’ve had to update most my programs because older versions will not run on 13 now. Guess I could try an older Audacity and see. I am happy with Audacity 2.4.2 on my desktop machine.

I had done a restart (with nothing resolved) earlier, but just tried the shutdown and it did not resolve the issue either.

The start up “chong” is there by the way

Then other thing I notice now on Audacity 3.3.3 is there is no keyboard key stroke to get to export selected audio. I liked that on 2.4.2.

You might look in Audacity > Preferences > Keyboard > Shift+Command+E. In Audacity 3.1.3 it still sends me to the export dialog as in 2.4.2. Or am I missing something?

No, that’s not 3.3.3.


Thank you for the keyboard preference suggestion. That is now working. It was the Export Selected Audio that did not have a keyboard shortcut. And good new on the headphone issue. I found my dmg file for the 2.4.2 so brought it over to my MBP and installed. Had the same headphone issue but in playing around some more I found “Rescan Audio Devices” under the Transport menu. Once I did that my headphones showed up in the Audio Setup choices and all is good now. Thank you for assisting me.

I’ll keep playing with 3.3.3 for now. It does have some nice features (which I may or may not use).

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